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5 Zenful Tips For Working From Home

5 Zenful Tips For Working From HomeBy Emily Belcher

While most people have far more positive’s than negative’s when comparing their work at home life versus their previous traditional jobs, there are still those moments when life seemed so much easier on the outside. Many people face new obstacles that they are challenged with that could be helped with creating a more “zenful” work at home atmosphere.

Working at home can create a lot of pressure or the feeling of having a lot on your shoulders. Although there is no supervisor breathing down your neck, you still feel a level of pressure from an inner voice saying that you need to prove that you don’t need to be supervised constantly.

Loneliness is another common complaint from many people who have decided to work from home. A good majority of people work while they are home alone. While you may think that would be the ideal setting (because honestly, it can be almost impossible to get anything done with distractions from other people), it can make you feel very isolated and depressed.

There are a few quotes floating around on the internet about the dangers of being left alone with your thoughts. Working from home can give you the luxury of freedom, yet the consequence of a roaming, unsupervised mind can be overwhelming. Keeping your focus can be tricky, especially when there are distractions (and trust me, there will always be distractions to encounter). (more…)

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Making Money with YouTube – Interview with Judy Travis

Making Money with YouTube - Interview with Judy TravisOne of the most frequent questions I receive is … How can I make money by creating YouTube videos? While I know the basics of how to do it, creating YouTube videos is not my forte.

So I’m excited to announce this week’s work at home woman, Judy Travis. Not only does Judy have over a million YouTube subscribers, but she’s making millions from her videos!

Read on to find out how she’s doing it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

I started making YouTube videos in 2008 for my passion of makeup. When I finally made YouTube Partner a couple years later, I started to earn money and eventually made enough to make it a full time career. Seven years later, I now have four YouTube channels where I get to share what I’m passionate about through beauty videos, daily v-logs, a Spanish translation channel, and currently my biggest passion … sharing my experiences as a mom on my mommy v-log.

What types of videos do you create?

Generally my videos focus on product reviews and hauls as well as tutorials on how to use the product(s). I also have a daily v-log and a dedicated mommy channel where I discuss all things about being a new mom. (more…)

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10 Work at Home Jobs for People Who Love Kids

10 Work at Home Jobs for People Who Love KidsBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Do you love working with children, but don’t want to work in a school, pediatrician’s office, or daycare? No problem.

Today there are lots of diverse opportunities that women can do from home. So if you’ve been looking for a money-making gig that involves children — here are 10 different careers to consider.

1. Tutoring and Teaching

Do you have an extensive knowledge of a certain subject, a positive attitude, a passion to help others, and you enjoy working with children? Then teaching or tutoring may be the perfect home-based career for you. For most telecommuting positions you will need to be a certified teacher, but there are some areas, like foreign languages, music, and art that do not require certification.

For teaching positions check out:


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How This Mom of Four Makes Money from Home

How This Mom of Four Makes Money from HomeTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

I actually was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug almost nine years ago, right after the birth of my fourth baby. I had been a stay at home mom at that time for about 14 years, and loved it (still do!) but strangely found myself wanting more. I became obsessed with interested in learning everything I could about business.

Since you wear a variety of entrepreneurial hats — which jobs/tasks are your biggest earners?

Although I’ve been at this for a little while, I’ve had some major twists, turns, and stumbling blocks along the way … even taking a break all together a couple of times to pursue another venture (AKA a JOB).

So that being said, I’m still in the process of building and growing my most recent gigs which are my own blog and my freelance writing career.

Give us an example of how you landed one of your first freelance writing clients.

You’re going to love this answer: I asked! I sent a simple, friendly email about myself and what I could contribute to their business (blog), along with a link to my portfolio. I also keep an eye on the sites I frequent in case they’re ever in need of a freelance writer/blogger. (more…)

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4 Healthy Eating Tips for Work at Home Women

4 Healthy Eating Tips for Work at Home WomenBy Christy Schutz

Contrary to popular belief, work at home women do not have unlimited time or more opportunities to take care of all the domestic duties that they typically manage on top of their work duties. I think people have this picture in their mind of a remote worker fielding a conference call while folding laundry and prepping dinner. And I’m guessing this might happen for some, but it definitely doesn’t happen for me.

Due to my Type A, over-functioning tendencies, I often find myself working longer hours than I did when I worked from a traditional office. I’ve found some ways to strike a better balance, but, one area I really struggle with is dinner time or cooking and meal prep in general. Between work and my kid’s activities, I can’t seem to get this cooking thing streamlined or organized so that it happens in a consistent way. As a result, we eat out way more than we should or settle on less healthy alternatives because we’re pressed for time, hangry, or just too tired to care.

Due to some health concerns and a desire to look and feel better, I’ve set some weight loss goals to shed some serious pounds over the course of the next 6-9 months. As a result, I’ve spent time researching the best tactics to manage and dare I say get ahead of this food prep thing. I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to sharing the following tips I plan to implement as I embark on this journey. (more…)

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