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Running a Property Appraisal Business – Expert Advice from Lisa Kroese

Running a Property Appraisal Business - Expert Advice from Lisa KroeseTell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

I’m a 42 year old mom and wife with two girls ages 4 and 1. We moved to California from the east coast. I was pregnant with my first daughter and I was planning to stay at home with her. After a cross country move to a completely new area where I had no family or friends – when the baby was about 4 months old, I really needed something else to fill my calendar.

I opened Expert Estates and had my first two estate sales booked in no time. My business plan called for holding about 1 sale per month, which I thought was optimistic since I had no contacts or connections. But in our first year we did 13 sales, and now we often have 8 weeks in a row with a sale, sometimes two sales, each weekend. I did keep Easter weekend unbooked so we could all recuperate and spend time with our families.

What did you do before launching your appraisal and estate sale and business?

One of my first jobs was a regional auction house where I learned how to appraise art and antiques. I also handled contract negotiations and learned a lot about marketing all kinds of estate inventory. I worked as a private personal property appraiser after leaving that position and got the hang of working for myself. And, of course, life takes its twists and turns and we end up doing things we didn’t even plan. (more…)

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Summer Survival Tips for Work at Home Moms

Summer Survival Tips for Work at Home MomsBy Christy Schutz

There is roughly a month left of school where we live. What that means is I’ll have a break from the stressful, activity-filled school days and a reprieve from the driving here to there at a frenzied pace. But it also means that the work at home environment will change quite a bit. There are going to be some extra souls to contend with at home and that usually means more noise, more interruptions, and eventually some frustrated feelings for both me and my children.

I truly love my children, but by the end of the summer, I can sometimes find myself frazzled and counting down the minutes until school starts. So, in an effort to skip the stress I’ve decided to plan and have a strategy in place before that last school bell rings! As a result, I’ve compiled the following tips to help myself and Work at Home Women everywhere have a productive and peaceful summer break:

Tip 1.) Take a Vacation

I know that sounds kind of silly, but, you DO need a break. Family vacations are practically an American pastime. And truly, nothing is better than building memories together as a family. You are probably thinking that you already work from home, so, how much of a break do you really need. Well, I feel strongly that all of us, yes, even we work at home women need to step away from our work and recharge. I feel so passionately about this I have even dedicated a post to it in the past … check it out. (more…)

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Work From Home as a Local Coordinator for Exchange Students

Work From Home as a Local Coordinator for Exchange StudentsBy Holly Reisem Hanna

I’m always on the lookout for new work at home jobs and opportunities. One that I recently stumbled across is for Local Coordinators (LC) for student exchange programs.

Want to know more?

Here’s the scoop on what it is and where to apply.

What is a Local Coordinator (LC)?

Local Coordinators are independent contractors who go out into the community visiting schools, churches, and various youth programs in search of families who are interested in hosting foreign exchange students. Besides finding safe hosting families for students, you also act as a point of contact and mentor to the students while there are here in the U.S.

What Skills and Qualifications Do I Need?

Most organizations require that you be at least 25 years of age and you must have a clean criminal background check, since you’ll be working with teens. The ideal candidate for this work at home opportunity would be someone who enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures, is outgoing, friendly, and likes to work with teenagers. All of the companies that I looked at had various forms of training for their LCs, as well as ongoing support. (more…)

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8 Places to Find Work-at-Home Opportunities in Your Own Town

8 Places to Find Work-at-Home Opportunities in Your Own TownBy Diana Schneidman

One of the obvious benefits of working at home is that it doesn’t matter where your employing company is located. You have a worldwide market for your services.

Given that there are certain benefits to having international opportunities, why would you prefer to work for a local company?

There are several pluses to working locally even if you do the actual work from a desk right in your spare bedroom.

The first advantage is that it may be easier to land the job. You may already have personal connections with the hiring manager. Even if you don’t have an “in” right now, it may still be easier to set your sights on what you want and go after it.

The second advantage is that you may be more effective on the job. You have easier access to your supervisor and coworkers. You may be able to attend occasional staff meetings and trainings.

The third advantage is that you may be able to develop personal relationships with coworkers in your company. One downside to working out of your home is that it can be lonely. You can work in the same position for years without developing ties to others. If you are the type of person who relishes friendships, being local can facilitate meeting coworkers for lunch or happy hour. (more…)

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The Birth of a Baby Proofing Business – Interview with Courtney Ilarraza

The Birth of a Baby Proofing Business - Interview with Courtney IlarrazaTell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey.

I went to law school and became a criminal prosecutor in NYC. During my first year of practice, I became pregnant with my first child. It became a goal of mine to become my own boss and be able to create my own schedule to find the work/family balance that was right for my family. That same year I learned of two tragic accidents involving babies of acquaintances, which could have been prevented with proper education and training. My husband and I decided to devote our lives to protecting babies and parents from becoming victims of preventable deathly injuries. We hoped, but at the time didn’t realize it would ever take off the way it did. We were profitable our first year.

Do you have any special training?

I am a Certified Passenger Safety Technician, which means I am certified in the proper use and installation of child safety seats. I am also an American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor as well as a licensed attorney.

Give us an example of how you landed one of your first clients.

I decided to reach out to prominent mommy bloggers in my community and offered them our in-home safety consultation as well as some free babyproofing. They agreed to write about their experience with Baby Bodyguards. After we got some relevant press the phone started ringing. (more…)

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