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The Ups and Downs of Depression and Working at Home

The Ups and Downs of Depression and Working at HomeBy Emily Belcher

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This post is in regards to a serious medical problem that requires help from a licensed health professional. If you are currently depressed, please seek help from your doctor immediately.

Working from home has it’s benefits. In fact, I realized that I would be much happier working from home as soon as I started my first job at the age of 16. Of course, there weren’t as many opportunities available to work at home as compared to today but it was something that crossed my mind many times.

It’s not that I don’t like people. In fact, I love people. But some days, anxiety and depression get the best of me and I don’t love anyone. You can’t love anyone when you don’t love yourself. Unfortunately, depression doesn’t subside when you go to work. Many anxiety attacks and unexplainable and uncontrollable crying fits have happened at many jobs that I’ve had.

One common characteristic that I share with many people who suffer with depression is that it’s hard for me to hold down a job. Working with other people has a lot of positive and negative sides. When it’s good, it’s good but when it’s bad, it’s really bad. When fellow co-workers are happy or enthusiastic, it is easy to absorb their positivity. On the other hand, when working with people who talk negatively about the job, company, or employees, it can also rub off on you and lead you down the road of depression. (more…)

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Creating Your Own Online Business

Creating Your Own Online BusinessAre you a “Stay-at-Home” (SAH) Mom and have you been searching for a business opportunity that gives you the freedom and flexibility you need for you and your family? Then creating your own online business could be the best opportunity for you to meet your goal!

At Pure-Ecommerce we understand you are very busy keeping everything–and everyone–together! Taking the children here and there, keeping them on schedule, making sure that your home has the supplies everyone needs to be healthy and happy, and lots more. You spend your time doing for your family, but you find that YOU need MORE. You have the desire and drive to start your own business. Owning an online business gives you the ability to bring in extra money for your family while still having the flexibility you need in your life to continue to manage your family life. An online business can be the MORE that you are looking for! (more…)

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Be Your Own Boss and Work from Home with LiveOps

Be Your Own Boss and Work from Home with LiveOpsIndependent Contractor Opportunities are Available in Sales and Customer Service

Are you looking for an opportunity to support your family while still being available to attend school and sporting events? Are you looking to escape the “rat race” but still want to use your education and skills? Are you looking to be your own boss and set your own course to success? If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions, then you should take a look at work-from-home opportunities with LiveOps.

LiveOps is the premier virtual call center in the cloud. Our clients are nationally-recognized companies that are looking for people with the passion and skills to dazzle and delight their customers. LiveOps offers work-from-home opportunities for motivated individuals who want to be their own boss, set their schedule and build a business.

Get Paid to Talk on the Phone

“The flexibility to take different call types, throughout the day, is attractive to me.” Jean, Florida

LiveOps independent contractors answer calls, help customers and make sales. Opportunities include working as customer service professionals, licensed insurance agents, insurance claims specialists and sales professionals. LiveOps contracts with a variety of top brands and well-known companies like Murad and ProFlowers. The virtual contact center is a great way for brands to work with the best agents and provide their customers with top-notch service and support. (more…)

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How Much Money Can You Make as a CAbi Consultant?

How Much Money Can You Make as a CAbi Consultant?By Holly Reisem Hanna

It’s no secret that I adore CAbi. I fell in love with the brand in July of 2010 when I attended my very first CAbi Scoop (their bi-annual fashion show that reveals the new season’s line of clothing). At first it was the clothing and the high energy fashion show that pulled me in, but after being around the exuberant consultants and hearing their stories of success, I knew that CAbi was so much more.

These women are energetic, caring, happy, and confident — but most of all they’re having fun while making money from home.

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) the median gross annual income for a direct seller is $2,420. The average annual income for a CAbi Consultant (2011) was $19,031. CAbi Reps can make 20% – 33% commission based on personal sales and team building bonuses. But what does this translate to in terms of real life CAbi Consultants?

With CAbi you make make money in 3 different ways.

1) Host home shopping parties and earn 25% to 33% commission on items you sell.

2) Build a team and receive additional commission on items that your team sells. (more…)

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Interview with Susan Wenner Jackson – Co-founder of Working Moms Against Guilt

Interview with Susan Wenner JacksonTell us a little bit about your blogging journey.

I started blogging way back in 2006, soon after our first child was born. As an advertising copywriter, I used Working Moms Against Guilt as both an outlet for my own personal writing as well as a way to connect with other women who were new to the whole “working mom” thing. Eight years later, I’m proud that it’s now an international community of women at all stages of working motherhood, inspiring thousands of moms to feel good about their choices and get help when they struggle.

What did you do before becoming an online publisher?

I started my career as a journalist, writing for daily newspapers, magazines and eventually websites as more content was being published online. I shifted over to PR, marketing and advertising around 2002, and worked for a number of years at ad agencies and marketing companies in the Cincinnati area. (more…)

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