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Do You Ever Leave Your Comfort Zone?

Do You Ever Leave Your Comfort Zone?By Dawn Berryman

As a work at home woman, do you ever leave your comfort zone? Do you have a schedule or daily routine for your business or for your job that you don’t deviate from? Have you ever thought about changing it up to see how it could positively affect your productivity or your bottom line?

Here are five simple things that you could try that just might enhance your day.

1. Get up earlier.

Do you typically wait until your kids are at school to begin your work day? Do you take care of household related tasks before tackling your work day? I am not a morning person, so I know many of you may be rolling your eyes right now, but getting up a little earlier could have a dramatic effect. You could rise 30 minutes before your kids and check your e-mail, get a jump start on a project, do a little yoga, or even just enjoy a cup of coffee alone. All of these things can set the tone for a productive, energized day. Just 30 minutes could make a difference and allow you to start the day on a positive, more relaxed note.

2. Take a break.

How can taking a break improve your productivity? Everyone needs a break now and then. When working at home this sometimes gets lost. It can be good to schedule one or two short breaks throughout your day. Use them to actually take a break. Get out of your home office and take a walk around the block or spend a few minutes playing with your pet. Regularly scheduled breaks can clear your mind and get you prepared for the next task at hand. (more…)

Interview with Heidi Gollub, Founder of Free Fun in Austin

Heidi Gollub, Founder of Free Fun in AustinTell us a little bit about your blogging journey. 

I started Free Fun in Austin as a creative outlet, when I was ten years into being a stay-at-home mom and still had two little boys at home. I’d take the boys on a new adventure every morning and write about it in the afternoon when they were napping. Gradually, I started writing about free events that were coming up, and added a Free Fun Calendar and a Free Food Calendar.

I used to call Free Fun in Austin the hobby that took over my life. It took me a long time to admit that my blogging had transitioned into a real job. There’s an odd sort of guilt that accompanies working from home when you still have kids at home. It’s a tricky balance.

How are you growing your audience?  

I put the bulk of my social media effort into Facebook. I always have. I’m fortunate that when I started Free Fun in Austin four years ago, Facebook pages could grow still organically with minimal effort (and followers saw all of your posts). These days it requires more strategy, but I still get great results. My reach is generally more than 150,000 on Facebook, which is about five times the number of people who like my page. (more…)

Four Steps to Creating Your Work at Home Career

Four Steps to Creating Your Work at Home CareerBy Kelly Robbins

Do you want to start your own home-based business, but you’re not sure where to start?

Some of us start a business working from home because we have a clear passion and desire to help people in a certain way. We feel a calling deep inside and know exactly what we are meant to do and how we are meant to help people – we might not know how to make money at it, but we are clear on our mission and purpose.

Others of us know we want to live a certain lifestyle or want to leave the constraints of the corporate world. We are clear about the lifestyle we want to create – but not how to create it. We feel a strong desire for change but feel constricted or unclear on what steps to take next. If you feel stuck and are in either one of these positions, try answering these four questions and view your business in a different light.

Here are four steps you need to take in order to start creating your life on your terms.

1. Define what lifestyle you want to create for yourself.

For your family. Describe it in as much detail as you can. Be vivid in your imagination. How many hours a week do you want to work? Weekends? Does it matter as long as you can be home with your kids or travel? Or are you really aiming for that three day weekend each week? Look at four specific areas, relationships, work, home, and self. (more…)

Interview with Becky Flansburg — Virtual Assistant and Freelance Writer

Interview with Becky Flansburg Tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey.

I’ve only had four jobs in my 48 years on this earth; babysitting, picking sweet corn, working in the office products industry, and running my successful virtual assistant and freelance writing business. Pretty amazing in a world where some people change jobs like they change socks!

I worked in the office products industry for 30 years, yup, I said thirty. I started when I was 16 and worked for two different companies in 15 year stints. For the longest time, I loved my job and loved sales. But soon I noticed the challenge was draining away and going to work wasn’t fun or exciting anymore. Right around my 43rd birthday, I had this epiphany moment of, “is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?”

The answer was a resounding no. I felt a strong need to try something new for the “second half of my life” because … well … life is an adventure, right? Writing was something I had always loved and blogging gave me a thrill and freedom in writing that I had never experienced. Social media ran a close second and was also something that fascinated me. The problem was I just didn’t know how to make a living doing those things. Then one day I mentioned my dilemma to an acquaintance and she immediately piped up and said “You want to be a Virtual Assistant.” I have to admit, I’d never even so much as heard of a VA much less thought of myself as one. But, once I had that word … that title of Virtual Assistant, I very quickly discovered where to go for support, training, skills and even clients. It was the piece of the puzzle I needed. (more…)

14 Short Task Sites for Making Money from Home

14 Short Task Sites for Making Money from HomeBy Holly Reisem Hanna

If you have a little one at home — you know how difficult it can be to get things done. But just because you have a household filled with chatter and unpredictable schedules, doesn’t mean that you can’t work from home. In fact, short tasks, sometimes called microtasks are the perfect way for busy moms to earn some extra money, while still being readily available for their kiddos.

A short task is any job or assignment that can be completed in a short amount of time. The tasks that can be completed vary greatly in nature (writing, editing, taking surveys, transcription, watching video, online research … ) as does the pay. But the reason why this is such a great opportunity for moms is that the tasks can be completed at anytime, and the majority of short tasks don’t require moms to be on the phone, which generally requires a quiet household.

So if you have kiddos running around here are 14 short task sites to check out.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Over at Amazon you can make money online working on HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks). A few of the tasks that I saw listed were, transcribing information from a business card to a form (more…)

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