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Tips for Beating the Winter Doldrums

Tips for Beating the Winter DoldrumsBy Christy Schutz

Whether it is a moody Mother Nature, that infamous shadow-seeing groundhog (aka, Punxsutawney Phil), or the work of the nose-nipping Jack Frost, this winter is starting to get old with a capital O for many of my fellow Work at Home Women. We can have a propensity for developing cabin fever on a good day, but, mix in a couple of feet of snow, frozen roads, and no school for the kiddos, and we are well on our way toward a full-blown case of the Winter Doldrums. I’ve decided to focus today’s post on some practical ways to avoid the Winter Blues.

Plan a Vacation

The first and easiest way to survive winter is to get the heck out of dodge. All you have to do is think like a bird and head South. I can make a shameless plug for my neck of the woods, Tampa Bay. Shed your parka, grab a swim suit and shorts, and head on down … we are expecting highs in the low 80’s today. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s always an inexpensive cruise option to the Caribbean, a quick flight to Puerto Rico, or, if you have the means, an extravagant trip to Brazil or Fiji. Bottom line is, a change of scenery can be the best medicine for that weather report promising another deluge of snow.

Get Some Vitamin D

According to research, over 40% of American adults are not getting enough vitamin D. This is concerning because a lack of vitamin D has been linked to depression, heart disease, increased rates of cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, Alzheimers and a partridge in a pear tree. (more…)

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Working from Home as a General Transcriptionist – Interview with Lisa Mills

Work from Home as a General TranscriptionistTell us about yourself and your work at home journey. 

Over the years, I’ve had a variety of work at home jobs. I’ve worked as a freelance writer, sold antiques and collectibles on eBay, day traded on the stock market, and operated an online used book business. I’m currently working as a general transcriptionist, and I publish a work at home website, Work at Home Mom Revolution, for moms seeking work from home jobs.

Although my work at home journey began while I was still married, my need to work from home kicked into high gear when my husband and I separated back in the early 2000s. I desperately wanted to be home for my three girls during this tough time in their lives, and working from home was key to achieving that.

At the time, I had an online used book business, but I soon discovered that alone was not going to sustain me and my children. That’s when I began looking into transcription as a possible telecommute career.

How did you get into transcription and do you need any special skills or training?

I was taking online classes for medical transcription through Career Step and was doing well, but I had months to go before I would complete the course, and because of my change in circumstances, I needed to make money immediately. (more…)

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10 Quick and Easy Tips for Conquering Your To-Do List

10 Quick and Easy Tips for Conquering Your To-Do ListBy Jan Pinnington

The dishes are piling up, the dog needs his shots, you can’t find two socks that match, your garbage can stinks, and the dentist office just called to find out if you are still coming in today for your appointment that started 10 minutes ago.

Sound familiar?

This may sound like a typical scenario in your hectic, out-of control-day, but we’ve compiled 10 quick and easy tips to help even the most frazzled mom get back on track.

The following tips are not written in any particular order, but if embraced, we promise they will make your life easier. A LOT easier. So, are you ready to jump right in?

1. Get plenty of sleep. 

This seems so basic, but getting through your day and staying organized requires lots of brain function. An exhausted mind is rarely productive. Take advantage of the regenerating effects of proper sleep to ensure a full and energetic day.

2. Get up earlier than you need to. 

You would not believe how many speeding tickets you will save (along with the stress of trying to make that morning appointment on time). Getting up early puts you in control from the moment you awake. Forget the snooze button, and greet your day at the first sound of your alarm. (more…)

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The Ups and Downs of Depression and Working at Home

The Ups and Downs of Depression and Working at HomeBy Emily Belcher

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This post is in regards to a serious medical problem that requires help from a licensed health professional. If you are currently depressed, please seek help from your doctor immediately.

Working from home has it’s benefits. In fact, I realized that I would be much happier working from home as soon as I started my first job at the age of 16. Of course, there weren’t as many opportunities available to work at home as compared to today but it was something that crossed my mind many times.

It’s not that I don’t like people. In fact, I love people. But some days, anxiety and depression get the best of me and I don’t love anyone. You can’t love anyone when you don’t love yourself. Unfortunately, depression doesn’t subside when you go to work. Many anxiety attacks and unexplainable and uncontrollable crying fits have happened at many jobs that I’ve had.

One common characteristic that I share with many people who suffer with depression is that it’s hard for me to hold down a job. Working with other people has a lot of positive and negative sides. When it’s good, it’s good but when it’s bad, it’s really bad. When fellow co-workers are happy or enthusiastic, it is easy to absorb their positivity. On the other hand, when working with people who talk negatively about the job, company, or employees, it can also rub off on you and lead you down the road of depression. (more…)

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Creating Your Own Online Business

Creating Your Own Online BusinessAre you a “Stay-at-Home” (SAH) Mom and have you been searching for a business opportunity that gives you the freedom and flexibility you need for you and your family? Then creating your own online business could be the best opportunity for you to meet your goal!

At Pure-Ecommerce we understand you are very busy keeping everything–and everyone–together! Taking the children here and there, keeping them on schedule, making sure that your home has the supplies everyone needs to be healthy and happy, and lots more. You spend your time doing for your family, but you find that YOU need MORE. You have the desire and drive to start your own business. Owning an online business gives you the ability to bring in extra money for your family while still having the flexibility you need in your life to continue to manage your family life. An online business can be the MORE that you are looking for! (more…)

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