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How to Make Money and Empower Women With Handbags

How to Make Money and Empower Women With HandbagsBy Holly Reisem Hanna

This past week I had the pleasure of checking out the ClaudiaG home business opportunity. The ClaudiaG Collection consists of leather handbags, chic jewelry and accessories – so if you love fashion you’ll want to check this out.

In fact, I took the Luminous Tote on my Cancun trip and I received so many compliments on it. It’s a great size for a beach bag or every day use. You could even use it as a laptop bag – it’s so versatile.

So tell you a little bit more about this home business opportunity we have ClaudiaG’s founder, Claudia Gutierrez.

Hi, I’m Claudia. I’m originally from Colombia and have lived in Houston, Texas, for over 15 years. Upon completing my studies in Business Administration at St. Thomas University, I got my MBA in 2004 and accepted a position with JP Morgan Chase, starting a successful career in banking.

I was always curious about activities that included design and craftsmanship. Growing up in a region of the Colombian Caribbean infused with the natural beauty of the sea and its tropical climate and inspired by the creative process of the artisans and the richness of the colors and materials, I naturally evolved to handbag and accessory design.

I began selling to women around me, and based on their fantastic reaction I soon realized I could offer the same opportunity to others as a way of gaining financial independence without sacrificing the responsibilities and joys of family life and community involvement. (more…)

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The Best Work-at-Home Boards to Follow on Pinterest

The Best Work-at-Home Boards to Follow on PinterestBy Holly Reisem Hanna

You may think Pinterest is all about crafts, recipes, and fashion. But guess what? Pinterest is also an awesome platform for finding jobs, furthering your career, and starting a business!

So where do you find these gems?

Here are 20 of my favorite pinners who offer great content on how to work from home, make more money, and launch the career of your dreams. Boards and pinners are listed in random order by category — enjoy!


Anna Thurman shows you Real Ways to Earn Online with honest company reviews and huge lists of categorized work-at-home job leads. If you have a unique situation where you need to work at night or receive checks weekly, Anna’s written about it.

Check out her pin, Work at Home Jobs That Pay Weekly or More Often — it’s been pinned over 1,400 times!

Lisa Mills, the publisher of Work at Home Mom Revolution offers up daily job leads and business ideas. If you’re looking for legit telecommuting leads or information on becoming a general transcriptionist, which she’s been doing for over eight years, follow Lisa. (more…)

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How to Build a Campaign and Audience on Instagram

How to Build a Campaign and Audience on InstagramBy Donna Amos

Social media has become a great way for companies of every size to reach out to their customers. It is especially effective for solopreneurs, as it allows them to compete on an even playing field with larger companies within their industry. By creating a marketing campaign on a social media platform like Instagram, you can reach out to more than 400 million users each month.

The Importance of Instagram.

Instagram is unique in that it relies predominantly on images to communicate with current and potential customers – you can’t post text without an image. But this is a good thing: not only can you post pictures that highlight the products and services that you offer, but you can also post images of your business culture or your community involvement.

If used correctly, Instagram is more effective than using other social platforms, including Facebook or Twitter. It offers a higher engagement rate with followers than the other platforms, which means that more people are interacting with the content through likes or comments. The more attention your account receives, the better able you are to use it to raise brand awareness for your company and increase sales.

However, for Instagram to be effective in helping you sell your products or services, you have to devise a marketing strategy for your business. (more…)

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The Best Work-at-Home Jobs When You Live in a Small Town

The Best Work-at-Home Jobs When You Live in a Small TownBy Kimi Clark

When you live in a small town, it can be hard to find a job, period. That’s one reason working from home has become so popular. (And because it’s awesome!)

But just what are the best work-at-home gigs in a small town? Of course, you’ll want to do your own research, but here’s a list to get you started.

Find a Remote Job.

One complaint I constantly hear is … “Why isn’t this work-at-home gig available in my state?!” There are many reasons why certain jobs are not available in all states; ranging from state regulations in regards to Independent Business Owner (IBO) status and release of information, to cost effectiveness, efficiency, taxation issues, and location-based training requirements.

To help fast-track your job search here are some nationwide companies that hire remote Customer Service Reps:

Concentrix is a leading global company that supports some of the world’s best brands. If you are organized, independent, disciplined, personable, effective at communicating and focused, then you might be a good fit to become a Product Support Advisor for Concentrix. (more…)

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10 Spiritual Work-at-Home Gigs

10 Spiritual Work-at-Home GigsBy Emily Belcher

Have you ever been intrigued by the life of spiritual workers? Many people think that you must be born with an innate sense of psychic ability to work in the spiritual field. However, nothing could be less true.

Like every other profession, spiritual workers have to practice their skills to be considered good enough to charge money for their services. So, while some people claim to be born with natural abilities, they too must practice to attract and keep customers.

This unique field is not only fascinating, it’s also creating a wide variety of home business opportunities for women.

Here are 10 spiritual work-at-home gigs to consider:

1. Tarot Card Reader

Did you know that you don’t need to be a psychic to read tarot cards for someone? Tarot is considered a game that has been used as far back as 1440.

Many psychics use tarot cards in their readings. However, there is a misconception that you have to be a psychic to provide a tarot reading for yourself or someone else. (more…)

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