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12 Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

12 Ways to Make Money with Your SmartphoneBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Before I started working online, I never really understood why companies would pay individuals to participate in activities like shopping online, reading emails (basically, reading advertisements), watching videos, playing games, or using a specified smartphone application.

But online competition is fierce to say the least, so companies and brands have become creative with how they reach customers. Instead of spending marketing dollars on traditional advertising methods, brands are reaching out to consumers in unique ways – which has been great for app and web developers, as well as individuals who are looking to make a little extra cash.

Another great thing about using your smartphone to make money, is there are tons of real customer reviews for each app, so you can get a better idea of which ones are legit.

Here are 12 legit ways to make money from home by using your smartphone.


One of my faves … Swagbucks is an online platform where you can earn points called SB, which can be redeemed for gift cards, coupons, and sweepstake entries. They also have a smartphone app for iPhone and Android operating systems. You can easily earn SB by watching videos, answering questions, completing offers, and even surfing the web using their toolbar. Refer your friends and you’ll earn even more SB. Your SB points can be traded in for gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, PayPal, and Walmart. You also get a $5.00 sign up bonus when you register.

  • Open to residents of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.


Allows you to make money by scanning bar codes, taking quizzes, watching videos, searching the web, and completing offers. Trade points in for gift cards from Amazon, Target, and Walmart or get entries for giveaways. CheckPoints has been featured on Mashable and is both Android and iPhone compatible.

  • Open to US residents only.

Easy Shift

Easy Shift is a mirco-task application where you can earn money by completing shifts. Shifts usually entail checking prices, seeing if a product is in stock, or taking photos of a store display. Once you have successfully completed the shift, payment will be made through PayPal within 48 hours of submission. Shifts pay anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00 per task. Easy Shift has been featured on USA Today, All Things Digital, and Mashable. Is currently only available for iPhone users.

  • Available in most US cities.

Field Agent

Field Agent allows you to make money by completing various micro tasks, from checking shelf availability to checking demo and display compliance. Tasks pay anywhere from $3.00 to $12.00 per job and payments are made via PayPal. Field Agent works with brands like Tyson, Target, Hershey’s and has been featured on CNET, Forbes, and The New York Times. Only available for iPhones.

  • Open to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Romania.

12 Ways to Make Money with Your SmartphoneGigWalk

GigWalk is a mobile workforce of individuals using their iPhone or Andriod smartphone to connect, explore, and earn a second paycheck as they go about their day. Simply register, apply for an assignment, and then complete the task (usually verifying roads and street signs, geographic landmarks or transportation options). Gigwalk’s workforce is available in multiple US cities. GigWalk has been featured on CNN, Business Insider, and Forbes.

  • Available in most major US cities.


Is a way for you to make money from working out. Simply download the app (available for both iPhone and Android systems) set some work out goals and then check in when you go to the gym or work out at home. But here’s the catch … if you don’t exercise, you’ll have to pay a pre-determined fee for not working out. This money is used to pay others who did exercise. Rewards generally payout been $0.30 to $0.40 per workout and once you’ve reached a $5.00 threshold you can request payment via PayPal. GymPact has been featured on CNN, The New York Times, and ABC News.

  • Works in 75+ countries internationally.


Ibotta is an iPhone and Android application that you can use to earn money when you go shopping. Before you head out on a shopping trip complete tasks relating to your favorite brands and companies. Next go shopping at stores like Target and Walgreens and take photos of your receipts. Once your transaction has been verified, your account will be credited with a specified cash back amount. Refer your friends and earn even more money. Payments are made via PayPal and can be transferred as soon as you earn $5.00. Ibotta has been featured on Mashable, Good Morning America, and Business Insider.

  • Open to US and Puerto Rico residents.


Locket is only available for Android systems and it basically pays you to place advertisements on your phone’s home screen. Once you unlock your phone the ad will appear, swipe one way to interact with the ad, and the other way to access your phone’s functions – either way you get paid. Locket uses a proprietary algorithm that pays based on how often you unlock your phone throughout the day. You account must reach $10.00 to request a payout and payments are made via PayPal.


Poshmark is an application where individuals can sell women’s fashion clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Download the application on your iPhone, create an account, and then start taking photos of the items you wish to sell. Once the item sells, print out a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label and send off your item. When the buyer receives the item, Poshmark will deposit 80% of the sale price into your account. Payments are made either by direct deposit or check.

  • Available in the United States and its territories.

Receipt Hog

Available for Android and iPhone systems, Receipt Hog pays you money for shopping and taking surveys. Download the app and take photos of your receipts from any grocer, super-center, club store, dollar store, drug store, convenience mart, beauty supply, or pet supply store. Once receipts are inputted into the system, Receipt Hog will award you with virtual coins that can be traded in for cash through PayPal or an Amazon gift card. The information that Receipt Hog collects is summarized and used in market research reports that companies will pay for. The amount of coins you earn per receipt depends on how much your total bill is. You can submit 20 receipts per week and trade 1,000 coins in for $5.00.

  • Available for use within the United States and United Kingdom.


I’m totally addicted to this app! Shopkick is a really cool rewards program that is available for iPhone and Android phones. Just download the app to your phone and when you walk into your favorite stores (Old Navy, Crate & Barrel, Exxon, Target, Macy’s, etc) you’ll instantly earn kicks. Scan specified bar codes once you’re in the store to earn more kicks. Link up your credit card, browse through look-books, or refer your friends for even more kicks. Kicks can be used for gift cards from Target, Old Navy, Starbucks, or on items like clothing, electronics, or even a cruise! Shopkick has been featured on The Huffington Post, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

  • Open to US Residents.


Do you love to watch TV or listen to music? Then Viggle is for you. Just download the app to your Android or iPhone, check in with Viggle button and start earning points by watching TV or listening to music. You can even engage and answer questions for additional points. Points can be redeemed for rewards from companies like Starbucks, Foot Locker, Groupon, and Best Buy.

Make sure to check out this list, I use use moneymaking apps weekly … they even cover my Starbucks habit!

Have you used any of these apps to make money?

This page includes some referral links. Please be aware that we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.

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123 Responses to “12 Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone”

  1. 1
    Mike roche says:

    My name is Michael Roche I am the CEO/Owner of Flashpoint media LLC maker of the popular Instant Rewards iPhone App. I am writing you today because I came across an article you wrote about “apps that pay you” while you have many great apps in this list ours is not part of it. Our App Instant Rewards was recently featured in seventeen magazine and on several other media outlets. We have over 50,000 users and 4.5/5.0 rating in a side by side comparison of some of our competitors such as: Jingit, Checkpoints, Appjoy, Gigwalk or adfun we beat them in all categories. We Offer users Videos to watch, Surveys to take, Apps to download and recently partnered with Kiip to offer “real Life” rewards to users. We also pay more and offer both paypal and Amazon giftcards as a cashout method, and unlike all of our competitors we are open worldwide not just limited to the USA. In conclusion I believe your readers deserve to be informed about the best apps around and quite frankly one of the best apps (ours) is not included in this list. Don’t take my word checkout the reviews yourself we are better than most if not all rewards apps available today!
    The Link to our app is:

    Michael R Roche- CEO/Owner Flashpoint Media LLC

    • 1.1
      Ruby says:

      Hmm for a CEO, your grammar and punctuation is pretty poor…

    • 1.2
      Stephanie says:

      Ya your app is bull!! Still haven’t got paid!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM THESE FRAUDS.

    • 1.3
      Leanne says:

      The only reason I am not down loading this app is because your reviews were too poor for me. I’m interested in making quick money. Not where it takes me 6 months to earn $10. Sorry. Not worth it!!!

      • Jasmine Ely says:

        Actually, I have received 2x £5 amazon gift vouchers from Swagbucks. Its great I recommend that one. Haven’t tried any of the others.

    • 1.4
      Daniel says:

      instant rewards is really amazing app. my friend uses it and he have earned well. i loved their UI.

    • 1.5
      Nancy Walter says:

      Hello Michael Roche, I am a user of your app Instant Rewards and I have been trying to contact someone from Instant Rewards for three months now for $38 USD owed to me via PayPal that I have not received yet … I am owed $29 from 6/5 and $9 from 7/5 and you have ignored me this whole time your phone number is bogus … no one ever answers. Why? Are you a scam? Well I see a lawyer tomorrow afternoon to resolve this and channel 6 news here in Maine is going to do a story on it this weekend as well as The Sun Journal. Can you at least respond to me to to try to resolve this issue or let me know what’s going on at least. I am not a joke no one is but your app sure thinks so … so disrespectful … you are going to be in huge trouble if you don’t stop ripping people off!

  2. 2
    jeff says:

    does this work in Canada?

  3. 3
    menna says:

    What of this work in egypt

  4. 4
    Janet says:

    How does it work? How do I get started? Do I have to pay anything to get started?

  5. 5
    milly says:

    Does it work in Africa?? Accra Ghana apps on android i use sony xperia and am always on

  6. 6
    Cameron williamson says:

    Hey this app wasn’t on here. But its called apptrailers. You can watch videos, rack up points and use points to get amazon,PayPal money and a lot more. You can upload videos and get points. Its avaliabe on android and iOS.

  7. 7
    yousef says:

    I pay my rent and bills by working through my smartphone, real work, real pay.
    uber rush, Zipments, instacart, task rabbit. Are what I’ve tried so far.
    they all require some sort of training, andI I’m not sure are available in all cities.
    thanks for the list.

  8. 8
    tracy says:

    I see you didn’t mention whaff reward. it’s a good app to collect bucks. by doing task they offered. it worth to try.

    download whaff reward from google playstore, to get 0,3$ instant bonus from whaff.

  9. 9
    frandra says:

    This is all nice but none of the programs is working in South Africa I’ve been looking for something like this to do in SA but nothing any suggestions

  10. 10
    Marion stein says:

    I would like to join. How can I.

  11. 11
    joleatha says:

    Do I need a website?

  12. 12
    lena says:

    hey)) do you have this list for web sites that pay you for surveys or performing tasks?
    I am from israel and looking for something global..
    thank you for sharing!

  13. 13
    D Stephens says:

    Diane I am interested in making money using my smartphone

    • 13.1

      Diane, I removed your phone number so that you don’t get a bunch of junk calls. To make money with your smartphone, just go to the App Store on your phone and search for the apps above. Let me know if you need further help.

  14. 14
    sunny says:

    does it work in india

  15. 15
    Holly says:

    Hi Holly!

    I have tried Locket. I never figured out how to get paid for it. It only showed news articles. Do you have any advice for using this app? Thanks!

  16. 16
    Albert says:

    Hey! Thanks for the article! Have your tried Field Agent? Is it any good? I’ve also tried GumsUp, it’s pretty easy to use. You can fill surveys or play games and try apps to earn gums and get money for free! You can try it using my link if you want to:

  17. 17
    Jelani says:

    Hey! I really loved the article you shared. I found a lot of awesome new resources. Thanks! I tried the page and loved it. Enjoy!

  18. 18
    Rick says:

    @ Holly The App Locket used to pay per swipe but as Mel stated they have changed their policies. They do still reward you with redeemable gift cards from more than 200 retailers. And you are correct at the moment they are dedicated to Android devices only. I use it on an old spare phone. Hopefully they will support other platforms in the future?

  19. 19
    Matthww says:

    The following apps above are good and there is another app that is really good that pays up to $300 per month just to watch video ads and answer questions.The app is called Cash Quest App and they have a few explainer videos on their site that explains the app in detail –

  20. 20
    Lola says:

    Hey very nice article, I really like GymPact and it’s pretty easy to use!

    Recently, I found a new app and I can earn money testing new apps, it’s so funny! Its name is Apprivate, you can find it on Enjoy !

  21. 21
    waseem says:

    Hi holly I am Waseem I want to earn money so how to I earn real cash money what I do my phone is lenovo first which app I am download pllllz I want to real money how to earn money

  22. 22
    David says:

    Thanks for sharing those information, does it work well in Nigeria

  23. 23
    JosephJason says:

    Are they working in kenya?

  24. 24
    Shannon says:

    Are all facts about these apps still accurate? I’m a mother of 3 & full-time college student looking to make some extra cash from home.

  25. 25
    Jay says:

    Hi Holly, I also came across Ringhop (dot com) where you can charge people to call or text you.., it only works in the US plus you would need people to actually want to call or text you J but could be ok if you’re really popular or something. Cheers Jay

  26. 26
    Aatish says:

    Hey Guys I found this amazing app name cash pirate(On play store) ……….there are simple ads,downloading the apps and you can earn more than $5 per day on just simple clicks, on your android phone…..

    you just need to follow simple steps Cash pirate app From Play store on your android device.
    2.register with your email ID
    3.And use this referral HGFBWL code to earn 500cash coins instantly.(You will also get you referral code after successful registration)

  27. 27
    Gaurav says:

    does it work in Nepal

  28. 28
    Becky says:

    I would like to say “I second that” to ReceiptHog. I started using it a couple of months ago and it really does work. You simply scan (take a photo) of your receipt and gain points, amount of points depending on the amount of the receipt. I’ve cashed out through PayPal and with the Amazon gift card. What I love most is you don’t HAVE to refer the app to get points, just shop and snap. Perfect for a little extra cash. I too recommend ReceiptHog.

  29. 29
    Janice says:

    I had a hard time doing Receipt Hog, they could read none of my receipts. :/

    I downloaded this app Wild Wallet and so far, it’s works pretty good. You can earn some killer rewards like Free PayPal cash, Social Followers & Like and more. Use this code 1772424 and earn 200 bonus credits. The fastest way to earn points is by downloading apps(you can delete them once you get the credits) and watch videos!

    Shopkick is the app to download!!!!

    Lucktastic You can scratch cards to earn money or points towards gift cards and more

    Found these sites during a review online by some Youtubers.

  30. 30
    David Alvarado says:

    You can also try this site, which has a mobile-friendly part. You watch videos (you don’t even have to watch them, just play them), do surveys, or sign up for emails (make sure to get a junk email account to use), to earn points. You can then cash in the points for gift cards (like Amazon, Target, and so on), or get cash through paypal. Don’t quit your day job or anything, but it’s a good way to make a few extra bucks.

    • 30.1
      Will says:

      I would like to know if you could help me find an olive job thst I can use from my galaxy phone. Also where I don’t have to pay to find it or use the website. I help that you can please help me it would be very appreciated. Thank you have a bless day. William Sj.08069

  31. 31
    Amanda says:

    Looking forward to trying some of these. I will post comments about the ones I try.

  32. 32
    Karen says:

    Has anyone tried ? I make up to 50$ per week as amazon giftcards there for simple app reviews from my android or ipad. I like it cause it doesnt take a lot of time. Anyone know of similar services ?

  33. 33
    tancy says:

    There is an app that pays just for text messaging friends it works through invite only you must be on usa text me for an invite 414 204 5359 the pay is cash and it’s daily to you prepaid debit.

  34. 34
    Michael says:

    Why isn’t GrabPoints on the list? It’s my best mobile earnings app. It’s available in the Play Store.

  35. 35
    michelle j says:

    ebates is excellent too! if you frequently online shop, use this site to find your favorite stores and proceed as usual :) try it and share it! hope you love it as much as me :)

  36. 36
    Kimberly says:

    Hey, Holly. I have reviewed this page and I love your list, but I am not convinced that you can actually make money using these applications. Are these apps a good way to make a second income? I’m a struggling mom and need affirmation that I can make do using only my android.

    • 36.1

      Kimberly, These are ways to make extra money. You shouldn’t count on them paying the rent. With that said … I probably make $400 a year using these. I personally use, ShopKick, Swagbacks, Ibotta, and Receipt Hog. And I’m always trying new ones out — currently using mPlaces, part of NexTrack. I’ve also played around with Foap.

  37. 37
    makayla says:

    There’s this phone app called feature points. It pays you through Paypal to try apps and games. just follow the directions when you get to the site and you’re all good. You can even refer your friends and you both get extra points.

    Thanks, happy money making.

  38. 38
    Andre David Morris III says:

    Looking to use my note 4 and make it pay for itself. I’m seeing your many opportunities. I wish you to please advise me as to the “higher income earning” opportunities that you’ve discovered. Do you have like a top 10 list?
    Please advise

  39. 39
    David Giles says:

    Hi Holly,
    One Degree is an that let’s users find other users globally for information gathering tasks. I would love to tell you more about it in hopes of being included the next time your write about this space. for more information.
    Thanks you,

  40. 40
    Fahim says:

    Hello dear,
    In the past 10 min I was so careful attended and busy to read your post. I was really wanted to get some money as my pocket money. But unfortunately I don’t have any iPhone or Android phone. But have windows phone. You didn’t mentioned any windows phones apps to earn. Perhaps there’s no app for windows mobile. In that case I am very unlucky.

    By the way great helpful post.

    Thanks for it.


    • 40.1

      That’s a great question! I’m not sure which moneymaking apps work with the Windows smartphone. I suggest looking at their app store and type in “make money”, “earn points” or “coupon apps”. If I hear of anything, I’ll let you know. Good luck!

  41. 41

    This is a useful article. Only question will it work in India? I just now bought smartphone, so I wish to try what you said here. Thanks

  42. 42
    rahul says:

    i know some app that gives real money one is whaff rewards and another is champcash app everyone knows about whaff rewards but i highly recommend champcash, because it transfer your money directly to your bank account.

  43. 43
    Prashu says:

    The article is a great way to get ideas! But among those apps , exactly how many are working in India , just tell me some of them which works here too , i have iPhone so tell accordingly
    Thanks! 👍🏻

  44. 44
    Sheena says:

    There is a app called Adme you make $3.00 just to download the app and $1 per referral.

  45. 45
    anita says:

    money4jam is a valid company that allows you to make money at your convenience using only your smartphone. They pay you with real money (cash only) which is easy to cash out at selected retail stores and extremely user friendly. Easy quick jobs available online and wechat app. I’m not sure if it is available globally, but it’s is currently available in South Africa. Good luck and happy jobbing!

  46. 46
    Nini says:

    One great app for earning cash and gift cards is GRABPOINTS.Grabpoints is a truely rewarding app where you can
    *Make Free Paypal money
    *Get Free Amazon Gift Cards and many other like facebook credits,Runescape and Xbox subscription etc.
    And many other exciting rewards by getting required points. You can earn points by signing up,completing your profile, completing offers of installing and opening or playing free apps, Referring others and you also get point when your referrals get points by completing offers.
    Also there are daily bonus points and points your earn on answering trivia questions .
    So hurryup and download Grabpoints app from Google playstore.
    join in with invite code 3GTBBL and get 500 bonus points immediately.Thanks

  47. 47
    Melissa says:

    Slidejoy is also a great app to make a few extra easy bucks. I have been using about 6 months now and have made $34.48 just sliding/swiping my phone open. The app also just added different options to play games, participate in surveys, download apps and more. You get paid in points (carrots) that equal a penny per carrot. They have multiple payouts from PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, best buy, Wal-Mart and more! I know for a fact they actually pay since I have already cashed in for a $15 and $10 eBay code at Christmas and the codes were sent to my email within minutes. I do believe this only works for android. If you do download the app, make sure to disable your current option to open your phone to your home screen in your main settings. (It can get aggravating to keep sliding your phone open twice after awhile, luckily it is an easy fix:-))

  48. 48
    francis says:

    hi, i wanted to know if there are such online jobs i can do with my smartphone in Ghana or any that pays international.thanks for your help

  49. 49
    Muneeb Khan says:

    Are You looking For Online Business ? if Yes Then You Are on the right Place.You Can Earn Daily 10$ or 50$ by Just playing on Your Android Phone.Just You Have to do is Download a App Given By Android Developers and Use it On Your Android Mobile Phone . They Will Give You Money.
    This is The Best Choice For Those Who Wanted To Earn From Their Mobile Phones Easily and Wanna Earn From Downloading Apps.

  50. 50
    Alice says:

    I was wonderign if you have personally used the pact app? And if it’s really paying. Because the system works partly on photos that users accept or decline, and if its not a fair community there is no point.
    thank you in advance =)

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