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Side Hustle 101: How to Make Bank Online

Side Hustle 101: How to Make Bank OnlineBy Anum Yoon

The Web is ripe with opportunities to turn your talents or hobbies into profit. For many online work opportunities, all one needs is spare time and a willingness to work. Although the positions below may not rival full-time positions in terms of immediate salary, they can serve as excellent side jobs that one day can turn into something more. There are many who have turned their online pursuits, whether it’s creating websites or selling items, into a full-time job with respectable earnings.

To make bank online, start by considering positions such as:

1. Virtual Assistant

At an increasing rate, many professionals are opting to outsource work that would typically be assigned to an office assistant. These virtual assistants handle general administrative work, such as replying to customer support requests, managing projects, writing social media updates and studying analytics. Rates can range from $20 to $100 per hour. Job listings for a virtual assistant position can be found on job sites like Upwork and Guru, in addition to forums such as VA Networking and Virtual Assistant Forums.

This position can oftentimes turn into full-time work as the business grows, making the virtual assistant position one with significant promise for anyone with secretarial or assistant experience.

Need more proof? Check out these virtual assistants who are making six figures or more a year!

2. Blogging

Blogging accommodates such a wide variety of writing styles, from those with the ability to blog 1,000-word posts to the more punchy and concise click-baiters. The great thing about this is that, no matter your writing style and skills, there is an audience for you. Setting up a blog is easy, no matter your technical expertise. Web hosts like Bluehost have one-click installs for WordPress, the premiere blogging platform, where it’s easy to customize how your blog reads and looks. Thesis and StudioPress also offer hundreds of affordable and easy to install WordPress themes.

Once your blog is set up, it will take some time to build your audience and attract followers. As long as quality content is posted frequently, the audience will come – especially with the aid of social media updates and word-of-mouth buzz on your behalf. Eventually, you can monetize your audience via ad revenue, either provided by a cost-per-click service like Google AdSense or independent ad networks.

If you’d rather not make your own blog, but still want to dig into blogging, there are many sites that have open blogging positions. Simply reach out to the owner of your favorite sites and see if they’re interested in guest bloggers. Provide a sample of your work, as well. Rates will vary for guest blog work, ranging from payment per post to a percentage of ad revenue gained from the post.

3. Sell Items

It’s true that mostly anything can be sold on the Internet. There are those who make a full-time living selling items online. How do they do it? Some already have an expansive collection of items that appeal to a specific niche. Others buy items in bulk and sell them at a higher per-unit cost. Some even make their own items from scratch, as is the case on a site like Etsy, where handmade jewelry and clothes are popular items.

Here are a list of sites where you can sell used goods:

Some who got their start by selling a couple hundred dollars’ worth of items per month eventually expanded into a full-time business, with an online store and a marketing campaign. Selling items online, or even creating an online store, is always something to consider.

4. Write e-Books

If your writing style is more conducive to self-help, tutorials or a novels, then writing an e-book may be preferable to blogging. Just like blogging, one can write about any hobby they please. E-Books have the added benefit of being a tangible product that can actually be purchased. With Amazon’s eBook store continuing to grow in popularity, now is a great time for anyone interested in writing e-books to start profiting off their passion for writing, whether it’s a fantasy novel, a travel guide or self-help book.

The positions above are a great way to get started on making a profit online. Better yet, all offer the possibility of substantial long-term success, especially considering that virtual assistants, bloggers, online marketers/salesman and e-book writers all specialize in the always-growing Internet content niche.

Anum Yoon is a personal finance blogger and freelance writer. When she’s not typing away on her keyboard, she loves to cook Korean food and hit the gym. Read her updates on her blog, Current On Currency.

This page includes affiliate links. Please be aware that we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.

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